Monday, January 28, 2013

ITS 2013: Week 5

How great it is to be inspired weekly, so here's our latest InteresThing Sharing! 

Title: HEINZ “GET WELL SOUP” shared by Ivan

Summary: A Facebook app where you can send your friend a can of Heinz soup with a Get Well personalize message to cheer them up.

Title: C&A FASHION LIKE shared by Coney

Summary: C&A Fashion facilitated validation of people’s choices via Facebook Like, bringing that dynamic into the stores. And reassured customers on what they’re buying is a great choice.

Title: CSScomb shared by Wen Li

Summary: Every programmer have their coding style. CSScomb can help programmers when they take over a project, sorting the styles that they familiar with, making their life easier when they are going thru the stylesheet.

Title: M&M's INTERNET INVASION GAME shared by Jossie

Summary: M&M’s, is doing something a little different over in Denmark. It utilises Bookmark which turns every website into part of the M&M’s “Space Heroes” internet invasion game. This style of creative strategy has been hotting up of late, with brands delivering interactive experiences accessible on any website.

Title: ONE MINUTE FLY shared by Yongjue

Summary: This beautifully animated video carries an important message: Life is short. Treasure every second. 

Many people out there work day in day out without much accomplishment in at work. They don't realise that time is actually ticking fast. If we only had one year, one month, or even just one minute left to live, what would you do differently at work? What are some of the things you said you wanted to achieve, but you haven't?

The question then, is - What can you start today to achieve what you want in your career? Start doing it now!

Title: WHAT DOES DESIGN MEAN TO YOU? shared by Teh

Summary: Day by day designer loaded with tons of jobs, deadlines, pressure & etc. The meaning of designing seems to get unclear, and for some, they don't even realise that they are actually a designer. Let's revive our thought to see what the other designer talks about & start finding your design purpose.

Oh yes! we’re all pumped up for the week. 
Happy Workday everyone! :D

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