Saturday, September 1, 2007

My philosophy of Career. (Bo Le & Thousand-Miles Horse)

Legend has it that some very rare horses are capable of traveling a thousand miles in a day.
These rare animals are known as "Thousand-mile horses".
Bo Le (伯樂) of the Warring States period is regarded as the Master who discovered these rare and highly prized horses.

Story Begins.... It happened in year XXXX...

When I was an intern, I always see myself as a "Thousand-miles horse".
During my internship in a talent casting studio working as a talent casting photographer, there was once I work continuously for 36 hours. (Don't do it, It actually harm your body badly)

Then I went back to my advertising world. I read, eat, sleep, think & breathe about it.

What I was waiting for, is the "Bo Le" of my life.

And when I started CC+J Adhaus with CheeChiaw, I knew my role has changed from a "Thousand-miles horse" to "Bo Le".

I've been spotting for Thousand-mile horses for CC+J, thus we have the Team members with CC+J now & we will do this continuously .

BUT...we don't want them to be Thousand-miles horses always, we want them to be "Bo Le" themselves one day.
We train, we provide the platform... & most importantly, we provide chances.

Teh is now Head of Interactive (from Interactive Designer), he is slowly transforming into Bo Le from a Superb Thousand-miles horse, (In fact, he really did physically ran Thousand-Miles for the Team & CC+J, truly appreciate it.)

In CC+J, everyone has equal chances to be a "Bo Le"!

Looking forward to see the NEXT.




Great! It was such an inspiring movie for me. I was so overwhelmed after watching it.

You can make a difference! You can make a stand!... no matter how small you are, or how small you think you are.

This movie really lights up my soul.

You can be whoever you want to be if you stand for it.


I've just had a drink with a girl, the girl who I set as the title, Truly Potential Art Director.

Since her college time, she was doing really well, graduated as one of the best student. 1 thing amazed me about her is her persistance on doing great work.

I see that 1 thing can make her Fly is her level of confidence. And the freedom of speech, she can definitely excel in an environment that allow her to boldly speaks her opinion and express her creative ideas.

I can see a FANTASTIC Creative Team with Her & *Mok (Truly Talented Copywriter). SEE? =P

I won't say her name now, but I do foresee in near future, she will join us and grow with us together as a team!

Looking forward to see that...

*See the blog Mok wrote, I admire his fresh angle on looking at things (Especially 'Crab Speaks'.) I love it.