Friday, July 18, 2008

Presenting CC+J Adhaus' "Live Trace"

"Any idea without action = 0. ."
Joescher, CC+J Adhaus Creative Director

It all started out as pure, nonsense fun of Chin Yong, our Design Director doodling a moustache on Mok, our Head of Creative's face as he stood on the other side of the window making faces at everyone inside.. As Chin Yong started to trace Mok's face on the glass, the outcome looked really interesting.. And one by one, everyone got out of their seats and started joining in on the fun..

"There are no best or original ideas from the start.. It's how you develop or tweak that small idea that makes it great.."
Mok, CC+J Adhaus Head of Creative

Joescher aka Boss J tracing Chee Chiaw aka Boss CC's face.

Design Director Chin Yong touching up on Head of Interactive Teh's face while Teh strikes a "handsome" pose to highlight his features.. :D

Chee Chiaw retracing Head of Creative Mok's face on the glass.. There's always room for improvement here at CC+J..

Finance Manager Sharon's turn to be traced..

Teh and Chin Yong doing touch ups while Crystal waits at the back to put on the white background for photo taking.

Chin Yong doing one last touch up before it's done.

Presenting to you, CC+J Adhaus's Live Trace..

"All great ideas start with a small idea. It's like lighting up a match. It starts with a small spark. If you leave it too long, the small flame will die out. But if you use the match to light up a paper, the paper will catch fire and the flame will be bigger. Throw that paper into a forest and your fire will grow bigger and bigger. An idea can only grow and be great if you share it with others because they will be inspired by your idea and add more into the idea. Then in turn, they will inspire more people with the idea.."
Chee Chiaw, CC+J Adhaus Strategic Planner

Hope you were enjoyed our little CC+J project and we hope you will spread the flame far and wide..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sime Darby Convention Centre: A reason to celebrate!

It was supposedly another ordinary day in CC+J Adhaus (meaning: still pretty out-of-the-ordinary compared to most days). Just as we were packing up to go home, suddenly came the call that would change everything.

"Hello, Joescher?"

It was from the Sales & Marketing Executive of Sime Darby Convention Centre!

In case you're wondering, CC+J has been involved in a pitch for Sime Darby Convention Centre this last month. Featuring a grand total of THREE competing agencies (ourselves, the current agency and a hot new creative house) TWO rounds of presentations and only ONE winner to handle their ad and media budget for the coming year.

Preparing for the big day. Here, we're writing down the presentation slides on individual pieces of notepad paper to re-arrange the sequence. This simple exercise, coupled with rehearsals, helped us get the perfect flow to present our ideas in the simplest way possible. "If the message is not communicated crystal clear to the client, it is equal to zero" repeatedly emphasised Joescher. Yes boys and girls, presentation MATTERS!

Back to the phone call:

"Yes, Izreen?"

"We just finished our meeting. I have some good news and bad news for you. Which would you rather listen to first?"

"Erm...the bad." (Fingers crossed. Really, really crossed.)

She laughed. "I thought you would want the good news first."

"Haha. Sure. Anything."

"Anyway, the bad news is that there're some ads we need you to rush for us tomorrow morning."

"Uh-huh. And the good news?"

"You got the job!"


And the rest went down in CC+J history.

Our hearts danced as we celebrated this amazing chapter in CC+J's history. Amazing for how tremendously we had progressed and learned from previous pitches. Amazing for how hard the entire team - from the creatives to the suits - worked together to realise this dream. Amazing for how we never stopped believing, even in times of hopelessness where every mountain seemed too high.

And you know what's coming next - let's make Sime Darby Convention Centre famous!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A little bit of rest, fun and strategy in the Haus

Come 6 something pm after a long, fruitful day at work, the people of the haus decided to celebrate with a well earned little R&R in our nice little office..

Teh, our Head of Interactive catching up on the news while having a little snack..

Chin Yong, Our Design Director and Zen, our Account Manager playing Chinese Chess.. Nothing better than a little strategy play as R&R for the boys.. :D

Round 2: Mok, our Head of Creative vs Chin Yong on Chinese Chess WHILE playing against Crystal in Chinese Animal Chess.. Multi-task or should I say Multi-Chess, anyone?

Crystal's winning game.. Mok, maybe multi-tasking on Chess is not a good idea after all.. Does this chess set remind you of your good old school days? :)

Now that one chess game is lost, Mok is now dead set on not losing this set.. Well, it was a close game and Mok came out victorious.. Guess focusing is a lot better than multi-taking when it comes to chess.. ;D

Hope you enjoy this little sneak peak into the CC+J Adhaus.. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hill's Science Plan - Love Pack

Woof! CC+J Adhaus recently received another doggy treat from Hill's Science Plan.

Hill's, one of the leading pet food brands in Malaysia, sought us to design an Intro Kit for new pet owners. Essentially, the pack is aimed at starting newbies off with the proper petcare methods while enticing them to purchase Hill's.

Take a look at what we came up with:

Early sketches. At this stage, we conceptualised the name Love Pack, drawing inspiration from the quote, "How does your pet spell love?" "T-I-M-E". The whole goal, then, was to get pet owners to spend time with their pets. Clear enough.

Direction 1 - Interact Bag: "Let's spend some time walking / playing."

Direction 2 - Food Bowl: "Any dinner plans tonight? Your pet wants to have a meal with you."

Direction 3 - Doggy Bag: "May I spend some time with you?"Items to be included in the Love Pack, categorised under three categories - Share, Play, Feed. And yes, that's a pet photo album!
Direct mailer for online enquiriersMakes you wish that you were a pet, doesn't it? *purrs*