Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Music is in heart of the Haus..

It is my 3rd day in the haus and as I think back to the last 2 days, in my memory there is endless laughter, different sounds and music.. The guys here love to suddenly start singing (sometimes screaming) at the top of lungs and make weird noises as they work which will just make you burst out laughing..

Teh loves chinese songs like the group Mayday and would sing along occasionally as he works.. Sometimes out of key but when you look at his I-know-I-look-silly-but-I'm-having-fun-so-I-don't-care face as he's singing, you can't help but laugh and feel like joining him too..

Zen loves Japanese songs and love to sing out of the blue as he types away at his laptop.. Sometimes Teh will join him although he probably isn't singing the same song and it is so much fun to just observe them as they sing together.. Zen will sometimes have this passionate-and-so-into-singing look with a bit of theatrical comedic look on his face as he sings louder and louder which is will always make me want to laugh and feel like clap along to give him encouragement..

I don't really know Chee Chiaw's music preferences as when there's music being played in the background at the Servicing Department to my memory is most of the time coming out from Teh's laptop or Zen's laptop.. But he would laugh and sometimes sing along with the other 2 "braders" in such a way that you can get that he's enjoying himself..

Come to the Creative Department and you'll have Mok with his passion for Malay songs.. ("Because their lyrics have meaning..") On my 1st day at the office, I was sitting in the Creative Department and Mok decided to give me an insight to what the company theme song is.. He then played a slow Malay ballad and started passionately singing along off-key with flowy hand movements.. I was at a lost whether to laugh or to hold it in when Chin Yong took one look at him and started blasting the rock song "脱掉" (The word in chinese is "take off" for clothes..) by Alex To before grinning at the already "ter-potong steam" Mok who had a =.= look on his face.. The 2 then proceeded to have a competition of who can blast the loudest by jamming the "Increase Volume" button on their Macs.. By then, I was already laughing my head off..

Last but certainly not least would be Joescher.. Joescher loves to sing and I do mean LOVE to sing.. He sings a lot of chinese songs and his voice can be heard as he walks around the office doing his work while singing loudly with such a look of enjoyment on his face..

As for Sharon and I, we would sit and watch all of them with a smile on our face.. Sometimes even shaking our heads while laughing..

So.. From my observation of CC+J from the last 2 days, I have come to the conclusion that music is indeed in the heart of the CC+J Adhaus.. And therefore I end this post with a note that all is good and well in CC+J, where fun, music and laughter is mixed into the process of making brands famous.. :D

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wassup!! Crystal interning in the Haus!! :P

Hi All.. The name is Crystal and I am the new padawan of CC+J Adhaus.. A hopeful copywriter-to-be with a love for words and a happy-go-lucky attitude, I am looking forward to my long internship here.. I am a RMIT University Bachelor of Arts (Multimedia) graduate and used to be a flash designer cum programmer but realised that it was not meant to be so I sourced around and decided on copywriting!!

How come you get intership here one?

Erm.. Me found CC+J in 95% Training Academy's brochures where me now enjoying myself in the Copywriters In Progress Course.. One fine evening before me course started, Me go online, me check out CC+J website, "Oh my god!! So cool their ideas!!", got their email, emailed them and crossed me fingers all the way.. Got interview, went interview, got internship, me smile for many many days and here me is today in the office.. XD

Got good mentor or not ah?

Got!! Me Sifus are Mok for the creative side and Teh from the servicing side.. ;) U know what.. Me thinks me going to learn much much and have many many fun here!!

You like the place or not ah?

Like!! Everyone is so fun!! And I tell you.. The office is so comfortable!! Got Air-con le.. So chun!! I at home only got fan le.. :P

Ok.. enough of my china-fied talking style.. :P

Anyways, it's only the first day and I'm loving the vibe here so I know I'm going to enjoy myself here.. After all, fun is an essential part of learning.. And here at CC+J, I can tell that I will get that.. So here's my one step forward towards thousands or even millions of steps into my future as a copywriter.. *STEP*

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

good thing to share

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Secretani Goes To The Mall!

Fresh off a blossoming branding campaign, Secretani heads for the glitzy lights of Mid Valley Megamall!

For the uninitiated, Secretani is one of CC+J's dear clients selling an organic fertiliser-cum-pest-repellent gardening spray. Hold on while I catch my breath.

After plenty of eye-opening research, we discovered that Secretani's 2-in-1 benefits (fertiliser and pest repellent) appeals most to its target audience of in-between gardeners. Those who're serious enough to try out fertilisers, yet reluctant to dirty their hands with chemical fertilisers. Hence, the coining of the delightful tagline 'The Plants Pestiliser'.

Front cover of Secretani's lovingly designed product leaflet

After an encouraging first month, Secretani booked a booth in last month's Home Buyer's Fair in Mid Valley. As proud babysitters of the brand, we were tasked with creating a series of posters for the event.

And here they are:

But here's the best part: Zam the Client called on the 3rd night of the exhibition to tell us that SOMEONE OFFERED TO BUY THE POSTERS! Have you ever heard of a consumer paying to buy an ad? Neither have we.

Another amazing true story, courtesy of the CC+J team. =)