Friday, March 30, 2007

1 Year Anniversary

Award Cabinet

The new award cabinet that we got in the office. Will be filled with all the real stuffs soon.

Ideas Vomit Session's Punishment

Here's our Art Director Mr. Lim Chee Chiaw, always with ideas, but this time guai lan. Can't even reach 20 ideas.

And for your information, he was the only one in the team who cant reach on that particular session.

So his left hand VS right hand with the shocking machine. GOTCHA!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

CC+J Wallpaper - February

This is the wallpaper that we created for Chinese New Year 2007.
Happy Belated Chinese New Year!

CC+J Wallpaper - January

We will share our agency storys through our wallpaper monthly. Please do leave us comments on this. Thank you thank you very very much!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


WOW!!!! It's been HALF A YEAR since my last blog, gosh. Didn't realise TIME actually on it's TURBO.

It has been an exciting 6 months since I decided to gave up miamiadschool (though I still dream of it someday)
I still read their book of conduct which actually help me on the point of view to advertising.

CC+J Adhaus is looking at awards this year. Determined to get the 1st award for ourself.

Me myself were all over the place in the past 6 months, most of time servicing clients, quality control, admin, decorator, cleaner & all the time thinking of how to push CC+J Adhaus to next level.

For the next 3 months. I'll be focus on account management and I'll develop a "Brand Executive Handbook".

Stated all the "Rules & Regulation", TO-DO, Routine task, street-smart skill, save-ass techniques, art of quoting for the next brand executive who will be coming in to CC+J Adhaus. I think this will save him/her alot of time and make their life easier.

Chee chiaw and team are working on our corporate brochure. Teh (brand designer) and team are working on the our own website. And I can't wait to see the completion of both. We were always doing client's works, but not our own.

Once the both is complete. We will start looking for clients which can provide us the opportunity to jump to the next level.

Hmmm... I'm now in starbucks at plaza damas, Teh is calling me go back up to office for ideas vomit session which we have every week, a session which we set a title and the whole team will throw ideas (included admin).

We have punishment for those who can't meet the amount of ideas we set each week. And guess what, I haven't even start to think of any ideas now. SHIT!!!!

OK! I will vomit 10 ideas in 15 minutes time! CIAO!

(Duplicate from

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CC+J Adhaus 2006

CC+J Adhaus in 2006, 2007 environment to be update! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Interesthing Sharing Episode 02

haha...another week...

Thanks to Richard (Corporate & Life Coach) and Leslie (Client & Friend) for joining the sharing with us.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Out of the Box - 2nd Episode


Out of the Box - 1st Episode

Hey, check this out!!

This is how we jump out of the box and surprise you with our ideas!

stay tuned...more to come...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hugh Macleod blog

Heres something I want to share with you guys. It is actually a blog by Hugh Macleod.

I'm now reading his e-book called "How to be Creative", quite interesting and most of the point that he mentioned is what we face now. Have a read, I found it useful and it might help you too.