Monday, June 13, 2011

Brand as a person.

Congratulation Joescher Chee (Founder/CEO of Joescher Adhaus),
won the Best Project Speech Speaker in Toastmaster Malaysia.

In this successful speech, Joescher talked about...
1) What's a brand?
2) Person as a brand.
3) Key Factors of brand building.

and he ended his speech with a question to you,

"Do you want to be an indifferent, a mediocre, just like any other brands, or you want to be a brand that is a problem to the world, bring harm & destruction. Or you want to be a brand that make a difference, an inspiring and influential brand to the world?"

Yes, that's how Joescher Chee sees a brand, and building great brands that change the world.

Let's build brands, good influential brand.

Hello, Social Smoker.

Here's some real experience of me and I've quit smoking,
hope you're inspired.