Thursday, April 21, 2011

Felani's Birthday in the haus!

February 18 was Felani's Birthday!
And we threw her a surprise birthday blast!

As usual - Joescher+Adhaus Family's picture.

We wish you, all the best for your further undertaking!

The Law of Balance

Another brand new-1st day of the week for
Joescher+Adhaus :D
Today's great InteresThing Sharing was from Jac! He had made a great discovery on the "Law Of Balance". Do you still remember the first time you learn to sit, crawl, stand, walk and now-you knows how to run? Most of us did not realize it's actually the balance of law too. And yet, we continue explore in love, relationship, career, marriage, family and more.

Jac has found out the ultimate of the balance of life is conserving personal energy and achieving the greatest proficiency. One's energy or power level must be kept on an even keel, too much or too little will kill oneself. This energy level is best maintained by avoiding extremes in thinking and action. One must be open minded, able to consider all alternatives, but strong enough to determine one's personal course in life. This requires the right amount of flexibility to be able to examine new ideas or concepts in order to keep the ones which would improve one's life and reject those that would not. In short, one never goes off on deep ends.

Thanks to Jac's awesome sharing, now we can learn to balance our life and live to the fullest!