Monday, June 30, 2008

Operation Cleaning!!

Today, everyone at CC+J woke up bright and early for our little office "gotong royong" day.. Much was needed to be done to re-organize everything in the office.. This is in lieu with our company's new Quarterly Agenda "Back to Basics"..

And now we would like to present to you the results of our "gotong royong":

Doesn't that look inviting?

Our very new Waiting Area/Reading Area..

Our new WIP (Work In Progress) Board and Job Bag Area with our Awards Cabinet

Our brand new Creative Team room

And we put the new, reorganised and clean areas to good use immediately..

WIP meeting in session

Followed by Group Meeting in the meeting room.

Another fruitful day in the haus.. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Research Gerak Day @ Genting

Last month, CC+J Adhaus had the chance to pitch to Genting World Card for a project. So around the end of April, CC+J Adhaus had a Research Gerak Day up to Genting Highlands.

Upon arrival at The One World Plaza at Genting Highlands, Joescher, our Creative Director briefed us on the research we need to do and what methods we will be using.

Teh, our Head of Interactive & Crystal, our Copywriter applying for the World Card and enquiring about the World Card point system and benefits at one of the Genting World Card Centres at Genting Highlands.

Henry, our Art Director and Chin Yong, our Design Director enquiring about the World Card with one of the Genting promoters at One World Hotel.

The team debriefing about the information acquired while discussing about the current pamphlets and brochures of World Card that was acquired.

The team with their newly applied Genting World Cards.

From left, our Art Director Henry, our Design Director Chin Yong, our Head of Creative Mok, our Account Manager Chee Chiaw, our Creative Director Joescher, our Head of Interactive Teh and our copywriter Crystal.

Chin Yong, our Design Director taking location shots for reference.

The team discussing prominent spots for advertisement at One World Plaza.

Team debrief on the results of the research followed by brainstorming on ideas and concepts for the project.

Joescher our Creative Director, Henry our Art Director & Chin Yong our Design Director discussing visual design and layout.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Boss CC of the CC+J Birthday!!

Exactly this date a month ago was our dear dear boss Chee Chiaw's birthday!! Happy belated birthday!! As of today he is officially 24 years and 1 month old!! XD

For his birthday, we all decided to treat him to Kenny Rogers for lunch as well as a little birthday cake.. :D

Design Director Chin Yong being cheeky with the camera.. "Surprise shot! Kachak!"

Yummy food...

Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!

Birthday cake.... Looks yummy!!

"Yes!! I got a birthday cake!!"
Chee Chiaw's wish came true even before blowing the candle..

Make a Wish...
"Hmm.. I've already got my birthday cake.. So what else to wish for le?"

Don't lose to a candle!! :P

"Can I stop posing yet? Mouth muscle cramping.."

Cake!! Everyone attack!!

Rub the lamp and the genie will appear~
Hey.. why does that lamp look like the sauce bowl

CC+J Group picture~
Unfortunately, Joescher and Zen was not able to make it back in time for the lunch..