Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday To Mok!

Some things are best explained without words.

Interesthing Sharing Week #2

Rolling into Week's CHEE CHIAW!

And it's something mightily interesting: A 5000-year history of the world's religions in 90 seconds. Watch how and where they spread, when specific wars broke out, and the rest of the juicy details.

As Chee Chiaw noted, periods of religious wars often had the result of both religions not growing. Ironic, since the reason for starting wars was to propagate their respective faiths in the first place. To quote a renowned CC+J personality: Stupid humans.

Other Stuff: (for office use)

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Teh shared on an old man in China writing 870 metres of calligraphy with a single stroke.
Mok shared on the JC's Girls ministry.
Zen shared on Capoiera.
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Current Standings: Chee Chiaw 3, Zen 3, Joescher 0, Mok 0, Teh 0, Sharon 0.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Interesthing Sharing Week #1

And the prize for Week 1 goes to... ZEN!

Makoto Nagano is your average Japanese fisherman, but not-so-average winner of Ninja Warrior, a downright CRAZY Japanese TV endurance gameshow. Famed as the most consistent participant in the show's 10-year history, Nagano has reached the final stage no less than 4 times. Watch the video to understand how amazing that is!

As Zen shared, Nagano may not be the strongest person in Japan. Nor the fastest, most agile or most durable. But what made him stand out from 127 million other Japanese was his initiative to try out. Though others might watch and think to themselves, "Cheh, my uncle's friend's neighbour's sister's daughter's boyfriend's colleague also can do lahhh...", he had the guts and self-believe to get his butt off the couch and just do it.

Indeed, success doesn't always go to the most deserving. But more often than not, it goes to the most determined.

Other Stuff: (for office use)

Joescher shared on the 3-minute project.
Chee Chiaw shared on perspective of size.
Teh shared on Star Wars in MS-Dos format.
Mok shared on Volkswagen 'Hand Shadows' ad.
Sharon shared on Create Your Superhero site.

Current Standings: Zen 3, Joescher 0, Chee Chiaw 0, Teh 0, Mok 0, Sharon 0.

Interesthing Sharing League

Stand back, all you famous Leagues of the world.

From the creators of the world-renowned Interesting Sharing, now comes...the INTERESTING SHARING LEAGUE!

How It Works
• Points are recorded after each Interesting Sharing session. Sole winners receive 3 points, joint winners 1 point each (draw), non-winners 0 points.
• After 15 rounds, the person with the most points is the WINNER!
• In the event of a tie, decision will be based on Votes Received, followed by Wins.

All ritey then... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

"Oi! Hire you to play games ah?"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Introducing... ZEN LIEW!

Muka banduan

Ya tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian...say hello to our brand-new smashing, flashing and dashing Brand Manager... ZEN LIEW!

He's another of the 'hidden talents' that CC+J has been pursuing for a while. Worked here for a month last December, giving us a glimpse of the value he brings to the company. At that time, he teamed up with Sue to prepare the E-Barter project, which set the benchmark for all future CC+J job proposals.

Since then, he's sharpened his skills with big corporations such as The Star and Alliance Bank. Though he's joined us for less than 2 weeks, his natural ease at slipping into the role and eagerness to learn, learn, learn is clear to see.

Welcome aboard, Zen-san! Let's make brands famous.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Finally...The Crab Speaks

i typed 'crab' on the internet and this popped out. those sick, sick humans.

it's been a while since i blogged. sorry, been busy looking for fish to eat. and after three months, i finally realised that those stupid humans removed the fishes. so now i'm supposed to eat just fish pellets? harlowww, there's a reason why they're called FISH pellets stupid people don't eat cat food do you?

sigh. it makes me so sad. last month the other crab crawled out and dried up again. they found him in the morning and put him back in the water, but it was too late. he died after five minutes in the water. i thought i heard him say something just before he died. something like: you're way too beautiful girl, that's why it'll never work. then i remembered that crabs don't speak. it was probably those ampee-three things from the humans. (in case you don't know, ampee-threes are brutal devices humans use to lock other humans in to sing for them).

those stupid crabs. they never learn. i mean, how hard is it to understand that if the humans don't come into our tanks, we shouldn't go into their ampeee-threes and sipi-yous and stuff.

anyway, i was waiting for them to buy another new junior crab. waited, waited and waited for weeks, still nothing. finally...they brought in a new human.

how stupid.

if i recall correctly, there are already one, two, three, four, FIVE other humans in the office. five humans, one crab. and what do they do? bring in another human. real smart, people. no wonder they need so many of you to care for just one crab.

just when i thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. recently, they brought in some new creatures. nothing as disgusting as more humans, but still pretty disgusting. and get this: they're called SUGAR GLIDERS. ooh, what darlings.

like the humans say, a picture speeds a thousand worms. feast your eyes on my supposed new friends.




crabs have beautiful shiny shells. these little monsters have ugly hair all over them.
crabs are still, silent and intelligent. the monsters crawl all over the place like brainless prawns in a frying pan.
crabs hunt for fish and tear them apart with their ferocious claws. and these brats eat - guess what - GRAPES AND APPLES. HAH! only humans and donkeys eat such rubbish, morons!

and the nerve! these things actually have NAMES. i was here long before crabs made ccplusj cool, and never once did they give me cutesy names like 'chewie' and 'suggie'. i wish i had a name. when i was born, my mom called me 'son'. then they sent me to the pet shop, where the people called me 'new stock'. and now all my life in ccplusj, i've only been called 'the crab'. sigh.

oh look, they're playing with the monsters again. i bet even if i wore a clown suit and break danced, they wouldn't care. so sad.

i wish i was a human. everyone loves humans. except for me, of course.

humans are never alone. they're always surrounded by other humans, eating together, doing things together. they get happy so easily. when they leave the office. when they talk on the telephone to 'cly-ens'. when they receive a paper that comes every month. all crabs can look forward to are fishes. or sadly in my case, fish pellets.

well, that's enough crabspeak for a day. till next time, stupid humans!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Gerak Day 15th Sep 2007!

Haven't posted up any Gerak Day pics so far! But for the benefit of those who weren't with us on these wild, wacky n' wooly adventures, here's the low down on what we did out-of-office the past few months.

April: Fishing at Taufoo Pond, Sungai Buloh

May: Picnic at Zoo Negara

June: Kite Flying at Metropolitan Park, Kepong

July: Sleep at home!! (meaning, takde)

August: Excursion a.k.a. Rombongan Sekolah to Royal Selangor

September: Cycling + Unsuccessful fishing + Supposed 4-seasons house which turned out to be a flower garden with full blast air con @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. Featuring a special guest! =p

More pictures coming soon! Hang out here to catch them.