Thursday, April 12, 2007

Announcement: CC+J first Gerak Day!

We've been planning to have at least one day of Gerak Day (outdoor activities day) every month, but after almost half year talking about it, now only we are able to make it happen. For those who have been looking forward, here it is...

Date: 22/4/2007
Time: 7am meet at the office
Destination: Kundang Taufoo Pond
Activity: Fishing

All staff are invited, bring your friends and family too! Ex-staff, future staff, staff from subsidiary companies are welcome too! Do inform us if you are interested to join in, so that we will wait for you (won't wait for too long though).

Interesthing Sharing

Yes! I won again this week. Here is my sharing...

About 10 Engineering Students from University of California Santa Cruz used about 6400 pieces of post-it notes to create this piece of amazing work.

A scene of the classical Donkey Kong game on the glass panels. Donkey Kong is ranked as the 3rd most popular arcade game of all time, selling over 65,000 units.

For more pictures, click here to visit their site.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Absolute Interes-Thing

Every Wednesday CC+J is having an "Interes-Thing Sharing" session where everyone need to find something that he/she thinks it's interesting and share it with others. The topic could be anything and things that we've shared so far included designs, advertising, websites, stories, personal experience, new products, ideas and etc... At the end of the session, everyone will vote for the most interesting one and the rest will be punished with the electric shocking device.

On this week onwards, the most interesting one will be reward with the opportunity to share it on this blog too. Since I was the winner last night, so i will share mine this week.

It's an ad of Absolute Vodka titled "Absolute Search". There's 82 shapes of the Absolute Vodka bottle in the illustration where the ad invites the viewer to search for it.

Unlike the common ads where people just glance and flip through, this ad is so engaging that people will spend time looking at it and at the same time be hynotised with the branding itself which is the shape of the bottle. A good example that demonstrate advertising that sells brand effectively and not only selling the execution itself.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I realised in the previous post, I have lots of "looking foward to.."

I don't know why, maybe under the influence of the animation I just watched 2 days ago, "Meet the Robinson".

KEEP MOVING FORWARD! (you know what I mean if you have watched it)

It's a good movie though. Worth your time and bucks!


CC+J Adhaus UPDATE!!!

Our Copywriter (Sue) has left to Dentsu last week.
The whole team here in CC+J Adhaus cherish her and may God lead her to a better playground.
We wish her all the best in Dentsu and looking forward to see her with her 1st award in Dentsu soon.

Back to our agency.

Since Sue has left, Cheechiaw (Art Director) took over her hat sometime (though he still send her copy to proofread)
But cheechiaw really did a magnificient job for past few days, art directing, designing, copywriting & gosh, he even became a chinese translator. SALUTE!

Ofcourse we will not let our team mate exhaust and burn out. A new copywriter will be coming in to team up with chee chiaw.
"He" is still attach with his current agency right now, so I would not expose his name 1st, will till he start work here in May.
*Hint* His jokes are always cold.

Teh (Interactive Designer) is working on CC+J Adhaus website. While he is still handling 2 client's website. But I don't doubt his quality. Its always there. And he definitely can handle it, not forgetting his record was done 2 websites from scratch (With information) in a day. IN A DAY!

Michelle (Junior Brand Designer), I see she's catching up with the culture and the expections here in CC+J Adhaus. No doubt a young passionate designer with great attitude and heart to learn. Like we told her, she'll definitely go very far with this attitude. Though skill and art/ design sense to be sharpen, I see it in near future.

Chin Yong (Chief Designer) is still considering his schedule to come here weekly to check on all the design works and making sure all the works are done in excellence and up to par. Hope he quickly made up his mind so we wouldn't need to send work to him all the time. With him supporting us, it'll definitely push us to the next level. Really looking forward on that.

Sharon (Admin/ Aspiring Copywriter) is yet to make her decision whether to join us as full time. If you ask me, ofcourse I'm looking forward to see her joining us on fulltime basis. It'll defintely make our lifes easy. And also to see her transfering from admin to a copywriter will be a great joy of the team, we will have our 2nd creative team born in the agency.

For me, I was so excited to receive a call for Desmond (Client) last week, asking me to meet up with him this week, he has a factory, product is yet to decide, wanting us to build their brand from scratch. Don't know all the details yet, but we met up mid last year for this project, but due to his busy schedule, it was postponed. And now he's calling me to follow up with that project.

I'M JUST SO EXCITED and looking forward to see how we can work together to build his brand.


We are looking for Brand Executive, who is passionate & must be a people person, which means can click with people well & easily. And ofcourse street smart couldn't be missed out. Male & Female are welcome. Guy preferably handsome, at least half of my coolness. Girl can't be at the standard of D&G (Dinasour&Godzilla).

We actually don't judge a book by its cover. (But we judge people by their look, books are different story) JUST KIDDING!!!

But the truth is, whole team in CC+J Adhaus are all handsome & pretty, we don't know why.

Come & check us out if you don't believe. =P