Monday, January 31, 2011

ITS - W04 : "The so-called illuminated ones"

Today's sharing, by David, was a sneak peak into the conspiracy about "Illuminati" & the "New World Order".

People are very skeptical about his topic, but hey! It doesn't hurt to know something new right? Some say it's the truth, some say it's complete "gobbledigook", but it's all up to you to determine that.

Use the power of what's inside that beautiful cranium of yours and be your own judge :D

Check the link below to feed your mind and investigate for yourself, but you must be WARNED - get ready to be GOBSMACKED! - 51 part documentary series : "The Arrivals"

Monday, January 10, 2011

ALG - January

It's a tough job keeping track of life for some and almost impossible for others. Life is such a MASSIVE issue, how do we possibly measure the good and the not so good that goes on during our "freight train" of a life? Our way at J+Adhaus is by using.....

wait for it.....

The LIFE CHART! (perceived value of fulfillment)
"There is no reality in Life, there is only perception." -Richard Hoy-

Its split into 10 categories;
1. Love & Romance
2. Knowledge & Wisdom
3. Community
4. Health & Fitness
5. Rest & Relaxation
6. Friends & Social Life
7. Business & Career
8. Home & Family
9. Personal Finance
10. Spiritual

Come along to the next ALG to find out more!

Advertising isn't just about hard work - at J+Adhaus it's about loving life, people & advertising! Being Happy, Healthy & Purposeful. Take a glance at the pictures, we share our thoughts about Life in separate Teams, enjoy!

ALG - January (Part 2)


Richard Hoy, a great Finance Consultant & Life Coach was kind enough to spare some time for us at J+Adhaus to enlighten us on "Wealth Management"

(Richard Hoy, 2nd from Left)

A lot of Richard's wisdom was circulating the room, he threw across 2 very interesting questions;

Is it better to have more of what you want? or, Enjoy more of what you have?

Interested to know which one is better?

The key is to get a balance of both. To get more of what you want but also enjoy and appreciate what you have.

According to Richard, wealth management can be split into 4 parts;


Interested to learn more? Please come to J+Adhaus for the next ALG!