Monday, October 25, 2010

ITS - W43 : Ultra-Mega-Super-Duper-Loop

Doubting A4 paper can form a LOOP can fits more than 5 people?
(without joining them back from pieces)

Say YES, and be amazed.

Believe me, is not a maze.
But a super-well-plan-structured-cut paper will amaze everyone's life.

See, with this super-duper-gigantic loop will seriously 'expand' your circle in life.
(I think it can fits more than 5 hypo too, so can go really WILD this time.)

so this Ultra-Mega-Super-Duper-Gigantic-Loop-of-Life teaches you few lessons.

1. Don't laugh at fat woman buying a small dress, because she possibly fits in.
2. Don't mess with A4 paper, because they can loop you, your family, your spouse family in it easily.
3. Papers are important and cool sometimes, use'em wisely.
4. Last but not least, always bring out the best from something, it will surely amaze someone's life.