Thursday, August 21, 2008

The blog's all Categorized!!

Woohoo!! I've finally finished categorizing every post on the blog!!

Enjoy people~ You can now click on the Sections for more specific types of posting..

Cheers to all and have a great day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

4 Types of People in a Meeting/Discussion/Seminar/Talk. Which one are you?

During our weekly Group Meeting 2 weeks ago, our Creative Director, Joescher brought up a topic that he learned from his one of Toastmasters Leadership Meeting.

At any point in our lives, we are bound to be attending some sort of meeting, discussion, seminar or talk. Sometimes it's about something we are interested about and sometime it is made compulsory for us to attend. But what mental state do we normally take on when it comes to things like this?

According to Joescher, there are 4 Types of People or the state of mind a person takes on when in a Meeting/Discussion/Seminar/Talk: The Prisoner, The Graduate, The Holiday Maker, The Student.

The Prisoner is one who's feels like they are forced to come and the moment they are on location, they are like prisoners in their own mind.
The Graduate is one who has the mentality of having just graduated from University. Everything that is stated to them is recieved with a "Been there, Done that" mentality. They percieve themselves as knowing everything and is not willing/receptive to learn something new.

The Holiday Maker is someone who is present but his/her mind is floating elsewhere most of the time.

The Student is someone who is present both in body and mind. He/she comes ready with an eagerness to learn because he/she feel that there will something new that they can learn from the experience.

Now who would you wanna be? The prisoner? The graduate? The holiday maker? or the student? All of us at CC+J choose to make the Students our goal. What about you?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

CC+J Adhaus' Family Photos

Feast your eyes on the people of CC+J Adhaus.

Our first ever family photo. (October 31,2007)

Second one and this time with Chin Yong, our Design Director.
(November 5,2007)

The latest family members of CC+J Adhaus.
(August 13,2008)

Top left - Crystal (Strategic Planner), Daniel (Head of Creative),
Zen (Account Manager), Henry (Art Director), Chin Yong (Design Director)
Bottom left - Sharon (Finance Manager), Joescher (Creative Director/Co-founder),
Chee Chiaw (Head of Strategy/Co-founder), Teh (Head of Interactive),
Junnie (Account Executive)

And of course, a must have for every photo shoot,the candid shot!

Here in CC+J,we are more of a family than work colleagues. That's just how close we are. We share dreams, values, laughter, fun and sorrow. Keep a close eye on us.
We're the team who make brands famous!

Interesting Sharing #10

The CC+J Adhaus has been busy with work but nonetheless, we never forget our roots & culture so despite all the work, we managed to have our Interesting Sharing #10 and here's the update on it 3 months later. :)

But before the winners are announced, we have something exciting to share with everyone. For the first time ever in the history of Interesting Sharing at CC+J Adhaus, we have a total of 10 people competing in this round! And this is during the 10th round of the CC+J Adhaus's Interesting Sharing League! 10 during the 10th! Cool Beans!

Anyways, lets get back to the main focus of this post.. So ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Interesting Sharing #10 is none other than..

Cent, Henry and Mok!!

For the first time ever in CC+J Adhaus's Interesting Sharing, we have a tie with not just 2 people but 3! (Lots of Firsts in this round of Interesting Sharing, huh?) Everyone is stepping up their game to the next level and the expectations for next Interesting Sharing have now been raised.

Let's start with Cent's winning entry:

First, Cent had everyone write down on a piece of paper 1 good quality that we think only they have for everyone in the company. Cent proceeded to tell us that he believes that everyone that you meet in life has a lesson to teach you, be it a character, a habit or anything that you may learn from that person which is a lesson he's learnt from Buddhism. In this case, all of us, have a good quality that other have that we want have as well and to learn from the others.

Deep stuff isn't it?

Next is Henry's winning entry:

Henry believes that everyone has a hero in their lives, be it a hero in the profession you are/ want to work in or in life. And every hero in your life, has something inspiring for you to learn. For Henry, he has quite a few hero in his life but for this round he wants to emphasise on one of his life hero: Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay as everyone knows, is as straight a person as one can get. Vulgarities are not off limits when it come to his comments but that's not the main point of this topic. It was how he persevered through all the hardship of his life till his current successful status and being true to himself that inspired Henry. The one life lesson Henry learnt from Gordon Ramsay is that every step or action you make will affect your result or future so always think before you act and be true to yourself.

More deep stuff...

Last but not least, Mok's winning entry:

Mok started with giving everyone a piece of A4 paper then he challenged everyone to find a way get their whole body through that piece of paper. One by one, all of us attempted and failed. Mok then proceeded to show us how it's done. The trick to it is in how you tear the paper. Here's a video to give you a more in depth idea on how it's done.

Here's a picture of Mok going through his paper. Cool isn't it? After showing us how it's done, Mok then proceeded to tell us the lesson he learnt behind this.

In life, sometimes we will encounter a situation where we are given little resources and are expected to deliver the ultimate result. But we should never underestimate what we have. No matter how small the resources are, we can maximize them with some hard work, determination and creativity. "Do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are."

Wow.. So much to learn just from 1 round of Interesting Sharing...

(Others) For Office Use:
Chin Yong shared about a Children's Book called "Enter the World of Secrets".
Teh shared about a concept of having "Functionality in Design".
Zen shared about how Chinese History shows that a small army can overcome a big army all because it was organized and how we can apply that to the daily running of CC+J Adhaus.
Sharon shared about the things she can't leave house without and how it related to the fact that we sometimes take things for granted.
Chee Chiaw shared a story about a trick horse was taught to be able to count by seeing the reactions of the audience and how we as humans must learn to read body language and reactions as that is a part of communication.
Joescher shared about the KL Freeze and how it relates to the concept of "How you say what you say is more important than what you say."
Crystal shared about how people in general play "Victim vs Responsible" whenever something bad happens to them.

Cent 2, Mok 2, Crystal 1, Zen 0, Sharon 0, Chin Yong 1, Henry 2, Joescher 0, Chee Chiaw 1, Teh 1