Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Evolution Of YouMixIt

What is YouMixIt?

The new era of virtual music sharing.
The world's first site for DJs of all backgrounds to showcase their mixes.
The ultimate platform for the superstar DJs of tomorrow to be heard and discovered.

Whatever you call it, YouMixIt is set to take the world by storm.
And the day it does, CC+J is proud to tell all: We helped make their brand famous!

The above is a very special video created by our clients and innovators of YouMixIt, Jac and Nelson. Watch it to enjoy the awe-inspiring progress of YouMixiIt from the drawing board to the World Wide Web!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Interesthing Sharing Week #6

This week, the crown is reclaimed by the deliciously delectable MOK!

Mok shared on Life Game, a Christian camp he participated in last December. What made this camp so worthy of an Interesting Sharing winner? For 3 days, campers left their current lives and were transported into a new life - starting from birth to death.

On the first day, everyone started with a briefcase containing some money and property. Just like in real life, some had more money than others and some even inherited cars / houses / businesses from their parents.

The campers proceeded to education (in the form of memorising Bible verses) - some received diplomas, some degrees, some bachelors, PHDs and what-nots. Mok, having arrived late, had to settle for being a high school dropout.

After education, next came job-hunting - you had police officers, city hall workers, janitors, lawyers, teachers, pastors, casino workers (yes, CASINO), taxi drivers, salesmen and even some jobless bums. At the end of every 45-minute interval, a bell would ring, signifying a period of 5 years had passed. A life check would commence, ensuring you paid all your bills and fulfilled your basic needs. Failure to do so would result in penalties e.g. losing your job, money, prestige points and so on. (Prestige points allow you to cut queues and assume certain posts such as city mayor)

In the game, players were also allowed to marry each other - husbands and wives get to share possessions and a single 'life book'. With that also comes the mind-boggling option of having children - children who will be able to inherit your possessions if you suffer a premature death. Don't ask.

The way the game is played out makes it seem at times boring and repetitious - not unlike the daily grind of life. You go to work, hope for a promotion, pay your bills, get your necessities, mingle around and go back to your community. And that's only the tip of the iceberg - you have inflation, escalating crime, politics, death, love etc, all setting the stage for a VERY stirring and unexpected finale.

Unfortunately, the camp rules forbid any more to be revealed - lest it spoils the experience for would-be Life Gamers. Till next time, keep checking back for more Sharings of Interest!

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Current Standings: Mok 9, Joescher 3, Zen 3, Chee Chiaw 3, Teh 0, Sharon 0, Chin Yong 0.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Boss!

This past 25th November, our big boy Joescher became even BIGGER! (not literally, of course...that's a year-long process)
Make a wish, make a wish...

Infernal Affairs Part 4. "Sorry, I'm a mata."

And once again from the CC+J team...


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

finally somethings to post.

hey everyone.
here is something very nice and hope to share with u all...