Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Awal Day

In addition to our CC+J-exclusive Gerak Day, now comes... AWAL DAY!

Before the cock crowed, before the newspaper arrived, before the roads were jammed, 5 bleary-eyed people walked into office, ready to begin a day's work.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...on August 1st 2007, CC+J Adhaus worked from 5am to 2pm! (No clients were harmed in the making of this, of course)

So, team, how does it feel like going to work at 5am?

"It's like going fishing!"

"Remarkably productive. No pre and post lunchtime syndrome, and lunchtime itself of course."

"At last I can see the sunlight going home. I feel human again."

"Hah? 2 o clock already?"

Conclusion: Going to work at 5am sucks. Going home at 2pm ROCKS! In your face, agency life! :p

Note: The extremely well-received Awal Day has since become a weekly affair, though switched to a more humane time of 7am to 4pm. Unfortunately, people still oversleep every time.


Starlit wishes
Half-eaten fishes

That cloudy morning
You stopped crawling

Why did you leave us?
Weren't you happy in CC Plus

We'll always love you
Though you stupidly escaped and crawled under the CPU

Now we need to fork out money
To buy a new crab for the agency

Stupid crab, you'll be missed!
Rest in peace.