Wednesday, May 30, 2007

be prepare

hey...its wednesday! its Interesthing sharing prepare everyone!! and also...language terbalik...

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Interest-thing Sharing 23rd May '07

Hah! Not only the hills have eyes, the sky have eyes also.

Yesterday I took part in my first Interesthing Sharing since guest-starring last month. Yeah, the time I unveiled the super-duper-brilliant way of folding a flower from a ringgit note.

The others didn't like it.

Yesterday was a different story though! I won, muahahaha, beginning what I predict will be the longest streak in the history of CC+J.

Shared on this fiction book 'Godless' by Pete Hautman. It's about this disoriented teen Jason Bock who creates his own 'customised religion', after tiring of the Catholic faith forced on him since young.

Using the logic that water is the provider of all life, he convinces his friends to worship the town water tower, or the Ten-Legged God as they call it. However, things spiral out of control when his disciples start getting even more obsessed with the hokey religion than him, culminating in a dangerous midnight mass on top of the tower where things go horribly wrong. Like it or not, Jason has to control the religion he invented before its power grows out of control.

Sounds interesting? You bet! Here's an excerpt which really took hold of me:

"So, you ask, how can Jason Bock be serious about a religion that worships a false god?

Are you kidding?

You ever watch a football game and get totally into it? Why? It's not a real battle. It's just a game somebody made up. So how can you take it seriously? Or, you ever see a movie that made your heart about jump out of your chest? Or one that made you cry? Why? It wasn't real. You ever look at a photo of food that made your mouth water? Why? You can't eat the picture.

Ah, you say, but the food that the picture shows is real. Is it really? Maybe that tasty-looking apple is made of wax. Maybe that loaf of bread is plastic. Maybe the football game is fixed. Maybe the movie is nothing but computer-generated pixels. So it's not as if the picture shows you reality. What you see is somebody's idea of reality.

Same thing with water towers and God. I don't have to be a believer to be serious about my religion."

How true, especially for us ad people! Too often we see the brand at just face value: the mechanical parts, the real parts. It doesn't always have to be real! People get enough of reality in their lives. They want something that entertains, moves, inspires, dances, laughs, loves, hurts. Even if it's 'somebody's idea of reality'.

Someone once mentioned that the biggest brands in the world aren't Coke or Starbucks. Nope, try religion. After all, these are the 'brands' that found their voices, inspired millions and stuck through the years.

Brand loyalty? Try brand worship, hehe.

"Daniel Mok Choon Hooi"

Not really new face.

The story goes back to 1 yr... or maybe 1 and ahalf yr back.

I went to The One Academy's graduates Exhibition to see if there are any talented people that we can invite into our team.
There I spotted this talented "Copywriter". The One, Copywriter? SURE ANOT?

YES! I was shocked too. I saw a long copy ad that wrote from a very fresh perspective. I jotted down his name in my mobile.

"Daniel Mok Choon Hooi"

Time went by, I met this weird guy in 95%, who tell joke that are not funny.
His name is Ah Mok.

And then I knew he was the "Daniel Mok Choon Hooi".

Invited him once to be in the team, he chose to stay in his previous agency. (As he had lot to learn from his SIFU there)

2nd approach! BOOM! He decided to join us and team up with our famous CheeChiaw as Creative Team!

I'm glad to see him here and he definitely has made us a better team & a better Ad Agency!

Hey Mok! Let's make brands famous! CHEERS! =)

p.s See his post on his 2nd day here, "the crab speaks", It shows his angle of looking at stuffs.

Interesthing Sharing 2 May 2007

A lil late! I "was" the winner last 3 weeks ago. Been busy, so didn't post my "winning work". Haha

Thanks to LeeKahJoo from InfiniteQL who sent me this link.

I find this really cool and interesting invention. A 3D printer.
Printer, something that we use or atleast see everyday, some one actually take it and gone further.


p.s the only hold back for this invention is the outcome are made of plastic. hmmm....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Interesthing sharing (15.05.07)

Wahahaha!! Finally won for the first time after sharing for almost 3 months.

Check this site that made me the winner.

& also thanks to a friend who introduces me to this site. stay healthy everyone.

New face

Here's our new copywriter to replace sue. He was a graduate from The One Academy and 95% training ,used to work in Ideasmith under the famous creative Yew Chuan. Welcome Daniel Mok.

the crab speaks

hi, i'm the crab in ccplusj.

no, really. i watched those dumb people in the office tap on their keyboards the whole day, and i learnt how to do the same. not that difficult, really.

it's my first week here. the people are weird. they think it's funny picking me up while i'm resting and putting me on people's backs. then they scream and laugh (i can't tell the difference) and look at me like i'm some sort of monster.

sometimes they take me out of my tank, and place me on the table. for some strange reason, they find it funny when i scurry away. i mean, what else can you do when you're on a big table? silly humans.

i have two other friends with me in the cage. they don't speak much, though. they're crabs, i understand, but a friendly handshake sometimes wouldn't hurt. or we could rub noses, you know. anything. these guys are just so crabby.

oh yeah, apparently there's this new guy in the office. he looks really good. name's mok or mot, something along those lines. hehe...sounds more like a crab name than human to me.

he's here as a copywriter, if i heard correctly (darn, i wish i had ears). beats me why, i didn't see him copying anything since yesterday. i mean, i could sit there the whole day and tap at the keyboard. kinda like what i'm doing now.

i wonder why they keep tapping those keyboards. can't they figure the right button to press? these people must be really dumb. they've been tapping for days and i still see that dazed look on their faces. you know, like how when the water in the tank gets too cold.

sometimes i wish i was a human. it must be so exciting. not like being a crab. we lousy crabs wake up every morning...wait for food...mingle meaninglessly with our crab friends...wait again for food...wonder what a beautiful world it must be out there, and what we're doing again...dream of the beach...then finally, sleep because the lights are off.

sigh...i bet humans don't need to repeat this tired routine everyday.

whoops...i hear noises. they're back. till next time, the crab has spoken!